We offer several different full care boarding options.  We also have land for lease for those who wish to provide their own care.

  • Barn Stall

  • $400/MO
    • 2 feedings per day
    • Custom alfalfa/orchard grass mixes
    • stalls mucked daily
    • shavings added as necessary
    • Full access to riding facility
    • Tack Room
    • Daily Turnout Service
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  • Private Pasture

  • $300/MO
    • Up to 2 feeding per day
    • Full access to riding facility
    • Tack Room Access
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  • Shared Pasture

  • $225/MO
    • Up to 2 feedings per day
    • Full access to riding facility
    • Tack room access
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  • Land Lease

  • $110/MO
    • $110 per horse or acre, whichever is greater
    • $0.50 sq/ft for private barn or shelter space we provide
    • Full access to riding facility
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  • Trailer storage is available and charged at a rate of $1 per foot per month.
  • If you wish to have your horse grained by Sweet Rose Farm, that would be an additional charge.

Currently we use Joe White who provides excellent quality hay from the Klamath valley that is non-GMO and no chemicals are used in the production of their high quality hay and alfalfa.

In general we feed 2% of the horses body weight per day when their sole source of food is from baled orchard grass and/or alfalfa mix.  If you are looking to provide a different level of intake, the barn stall, private pasture or land lease environment allows for a very specific nutritional regimen.

All boarding service options and self care land leases come with full access to the indoor and outdoor riding arena along with round pen access.

Currently the property is about 1.5 miles around the perimeter with multiple ponds.  We are working to add the ability for trail riding on the property.  There are ridable trails off property in the surrounding area, many of which are accessible within walking distance from the property.