Established in August of 2017, the Day family farm begins with a name inspired by our two rebel roosters.   Hatched within our small group of five hens, these two innocent chicks were known by our girls as Sweetie and Rosie.  Before long their innocence was shed with an unforeseen introductory crow that broke the sporadic chick chirping.  Before long their melodramatic teenage showmanship drew the attention of a few equally melodramatic countryside city folk.  Although the roosters where kept inside until 8am, to address concerns of early morning wakeup calls, this small determined group decided to take on Sweetie and Rosie.  After convincing the city counsel to schedule an emergency session to address this grave concern, a decree was issued to ban roosters from historic Jacksonville. As the song goes, they fought the law, and the law won.  Water under the bridge, we begin a new chapter as Sweet Rose Farm.